A historic moment marking the launch of a new music temple.

Beginning in 2019, composers and young musicians from the Netherlands and abroad will be invited to take part in a residency at the Oude Kerk. Using the world-renowned acoustics of the church, they will create a new site-specific composition. The new compositions created will become part of the heritage of the Oude Kerk and can be reprised in concert form for eternity. The original sheet music will be included in the Oude Kerk’s collection. By purchasing a table, you will contribute to the launch of this future of music in the Oude Kerk and become part of a legendary history.


  • Philip Glass
  • Nicolás Jaar
  • composers from the Netherlands and abroad
  • young musicians
  • the Vater-Müller organ
  • instruments
  • the architecture of the Oude Kerk
  • Bach and Sweelinck
  • Children of the Light
  • Robert Kranenborg

11 May 2019 marks the historic launch of the Oude Kerk as a music temple. During the charity concert Philip Glass will play one of his compositions on the Vater-Müller organ and Nicolás Jaar the new composition he created as the first artist-in-residence at the Oude Kerk. Children of the Light create a new site specific light installation, that will be shown for the first time during the benefit gala.  Robert Kranenborg will compose the menu that will be served to accompany the music. Naturally such classics as Bach and Sweelinck will be played as well. ​​

the committee members of Playing the Cathedral are:

Truze Lodder
Roderick Houben
Martin van Keken
Robbert Kranenborg
Martijn Sanders
Ab Winsemius
Frederieke Leeflang​